HHWEN members Margot Roberts, Kay Millard, Brenda Peddigrew and Pat Brown at a network event

Our Members

Our members are published authors, aspiring writers, technical writers, newspaper journalists, magazine and newspaper columnists, and working editors. We write fiction, non-fiction, humour, outdoor themed pieces, children's stories, horror and poetry. Some of our members are featured below.

Members: to be added to this list, or to inquire about a web page, please email members@haliburtonwriters.ca.


Management Committee

Kathleen Millard   Treasurer, Membership, HCCC Liason
Bill MacKay   Programming
Robert Penfold   Liaison Haliburton High
Peter Walford-Davis   Board Member
John Unrau   Board Member
Irene Davidson-Fisher   Board Member


Baker, Maureen
Campbell, Neil
Chamberlin, Shawn
Clark, Hilda
Davison-Fisher, Irene
Eddie, Ann
Heaton, Gwynneth
Hiller, Anje
Hills, Ernie
Holborn, Jim
Johnson, Pauline
Kristiansen, Katherine
MacKay, Bill
McCracken, Rosemary
McNamara, Linda
Millard, Kathleen (Kay)
Morelli, Nuccia
Penfold, Robert
Poling (Senior), Jim
Proctor, Sonya Sedgwick
Purc, Kathleen
Purchase, Kathy
Roberts, Margot
Stanley, Gina
Thompson, Donna
Unrau, John
Walford-Davis, Peter
Woodman, Byron H.

Please note that this is not a complete list.

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